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Ekopath Metropolis Health services

Dr. Ronica Baruah

Ekopath Center was started in 1998, to offer quality services in Guwahati, the medical hub of Northeast India. Dr Ronica Baruah , who headed the Pathology division at Ekopath Center, is an MD DCP with training in Cytology at PGIMER Chandigarh and in Renal Biopsy from The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA. The pathology section is well-equipped and consists of automated Clinical Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Cytology, Histopathology and renal biopsy with direct Immunofluorescence departments. The Microbiology section has automation in Aerobic as well as Mycobacterial cultures with facilities for Mycobacterial drug sensitivity for first, second and third line drugs in Tuberculosis. The Immunoassay section has Automation with Mini Vidas of bio Merieux as well as RIA with a well-trained Biochemist (MD) with additional training from Bhaba Atomic Research Centre.

Ekopath Center is well known for Cytodiagnosis with a large clientele for FNACs (including Ultrasound Guided) and other cytological tests and the Histopathology section is also well developed. The Ekopath Center also carries out in-house ultrasound guided needle biopsies of prostate gland and breast. This section has three experienced Pathologists, one Biochemist (MD) and well trained laboratory technicians.

Ekopath Centre has had steady clientele ranging from urban patients from across the Northeast to even very remote areas of the region reaching as far as the villages of Bihar. The clientele is based purely on reputation, merit and goodwill.

Ekopath joined hands with Metropolis in the year 2013. Several significant advancements with respect to IT upgrades, preparations for NABL accreditation, new machine installations, internal & external branding, logistic routes in the North East region and several other endeavors are well under way.

In the last few years Lab diagnostics in India has not only seen fierce competition, but also increase in commercialization. Given the continuous advancement in technology & quality of Laboratory care, the vision for Ekopath Metropolis is to become the beacon of quality diagnostics for the North East region of India.