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Dr. Kirti Chadha

Dr. Kirti Chadha is a gold medallist from Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, India, with over two decades of rich experience in Diagnostics and Theranostics. She is currently the Chief Scientific Officer and Group CSR Head at Metropolis Healthcare Limited. Prior to joining Metropolis, she was previously associated with some of the renowned & leading hospitals in India. Dr Kirti pioneered and established Digital Pathology for Metropolis in India and Africa and was instrumental in making Metropolis the concept of 1st CAP & NABL accredited laboratory for WSI in India.

Dr. Kirti introduced the concept of Super Speciality Pathology at Metropolis and successfully launched various specialized diagnostic segments, including Oncomet, Neurouno, Nephromet, Gynecxpert, Pediamet, Genomexpert, Gastromet, Microxpert, Histoxpert, Cardioxpert, Diabedge, and Osteoxpert.

Her contributions extend to curating the Research & Development, Academics & Innovation wing which has enabled Metropolis to offer best-in-class technology and test profiles for cost-effective and accurate diagnosis. She has been actively involved in forming a Medical Advisory Board by empanelling experts from the healthcare industry.

Under her invaluable guidance, Metropolis has been successfully driving its prestigious CSR initiative ‘MedEngage’, offering scholarships, academic grants, and research support to young doctors undergoing training. Dr. Kirti also serves as a member of the WHO expert panel for Medical devices for cancer and has delivered numerous orations on cancer across the country. She is also on the advisory board of Indian Cancer Society and is a member of various professional organizations, including USCAP, IAPM, MPAI, ISHTM, APPI, GGP, ICON, and IAP – ID.

Recently she was honoured by ASSOCHAM as the “Oncopathologist of the year” in recognition of her significant contribution to this very critical and nuanced clinical speciality. Currently, she is actively involved in the development of AI based technologies and algorithms as a part of the Innovation cell.