Dr. Kirti Chadha - Sr Vice President GRL Operations And Medical Affairs | Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.
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Dr. Kirti Chadha

Dr. Kirti joined Metropolis with a strong hospital background. A gold medallist from Armed Forces Medical College, she has been previously associated with some of the biggest hospitals in India. Currently, she heads the global reference laboratory located at Vidyavihar, Mumbai. The laboratory churns out more than 12,000 reports a day and processes 30 million samples a year, with samples coming over from 7 countries and 20,000 labs across the country.

Metropolis, Dr. Kirti has spearheaded the histopathology section, introduced Oncomet, reflex conclusive diagnosis, sub speciality onco-pathology and has been instrumental in expanding the test menu in the onco-path division.

Dr. Kirti is also present on the WHO expert panel for cancer. She has delivered numerous orations on cancer across the country. Her most recent achievement includes introducing Digital Pathology at Metropolis.