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Dr Patel Metropolis Health Services

Dr. Manoj Patel

Dr. Patel Pathology Laboratory was started by Dr. Manoj Patel in September 1988. He has 26 years of experience in the field of Pathology and his motto has always been hard work and sincerity. His focus on professionalism rather than business, vision of providing every patient with quality care at a fast pace and constant motivation & encouragement to the employees have been instrumental in giving Patel Pathology Laboratory, a reputation of high credibility and quality diagnostic care in the city of Nashik.

Dr.Patel joined hands with Metropolis in the year 2013, after which the systems and process have been upgraded with the latest advancements in the field of technology and laboratory medicine. Systems have become more efficient and accountable, with quality diagnostic care as the focal point. The laboratory is fully automated, with the latest equipment and technology. Patel Metropolis pioneers in the field of Immunology & Clinical Pathology.

The vision is to become the most reputed and trusted Laboratory, offering quality services to people of Nashik and other surrounding areas.