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Corporate Social Responsibility

Metropolis’ approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is based on the principle that awareness leads to empowerment. Awareness in its myriad compositions seeks to make us better equipped, empowered individuals. We believe in education that comes from awareness and the one that leads to empowerment. As we provide the highest quality of pathology service to our customers with a sense of integrity and empathy, we also actively seek opportunities to contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we do business.

For the past 3 decades, Metropolis has been at the forefront in conducting impactful camps and driving numerous workshops for different sections of the society. We partner with societies, corporate groups, educational institutions, government bodies, NGOs, wellness foundations and a host of other organizations to make a difference to the lives we touch.

Metropolis Healthcare Ltd identified four different areas to contribute and truly make a difference through its well-designed programs.

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Too Shy To Ask

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Often young girls and boys have many questions during their growing up years. They resort to either internet or their friends for information. The internet is a barrage of inaccurate information and often these kids are misguided by incorrect notions. Too Shy To Ask is an app that helps solve these problems. This serious gender awareness app gives accurate information on sexual health, reproductive health, nutrition, vaccinations, gender equity and equality.

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You can download the app on Play Store and iOS

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Conquer PCOS


Conquer PCOS is an extensive awareness program that is specifically targeted at adolescents and young women in the reproductive stage. PCOS is a debilitating syndrome that affects 1 in 10 women in the reproductive stage. Awareness and early intervention go a long way in avoiding life-long complications that are associated with PCOS.

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Objectives of Conquer PCOS

  • Spread awareness about the condition
  • Get more women diagnosed
  • One stop information solution
  • Offer support for women with PCOS
  • Expert solution from Doctors
  • Create a forum where women with PCOS can talk to each other
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MedEngage is a full-fledged academic program that is designed exclusively for medical students across specialties. Under MedEngage, students can avail scholarship benefits, observership courses and also avail expert assistance on their research papers.

Metropolis Scholarship for Pursuing Academic Excellence is an initiative under MEDENGAGE to acknowledge doctors having outstanding academic and extra-curricular achievements in a given academic year. Medical students of any discipline doing their final year MBBS, MD/DNB curriculum are eligible. Final decision will be taken by an advisory board of eminent healthcare personalities external to Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.

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Small Businesses owned and run by women in India face many unique challenges. Empoweress helps these business owners through networking and mentoring sessions. We enable an environment that allows them to meet the right people to take their businesses forward. By providing the much-needed impetus, women business owners are empowered to take a leap in their growth plans.

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If you would like to partner with us for a workshop, camp or an awareness campaign, we would be more than happy to be of service.

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Awards & Accolades

Metropolis has been awarded and appreciated by several brands and institutions