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Healthcare and Diagnostics sector is leaping towards a new horizon, giving a chance to Metropolis to become a leader in this industry. Over the years, Metropolis has not only established itself as a prodigious leader by expanding its wingspan in the international lands alongside Indian territories. While we look forward to the proliferation of our customer base, their sentiments and experience are of prime importance to us. Keeping this thought alive, we engage with our customers through an SMS and Email based survey to gauge their emotions about the services they take from us.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a subjective metric captured based on the customer's perception and personal sentiments towards Metropolis. Through this mechanism, our customers rate us on a scale of 0-10 for the services they have endured with Metropolis. Based on the scores the customers are classified as a Promoter, Passive or Detractor. The survey forms are categorised based on the service availed by the customer i.e., a Home Visit or a Centre Visit. Critical parameters such as Timely visits, Payment Process, Ease of access, Phlebotomy experience, Report Turnaround Time etc, plus other customer satisfaction impacting points are part of the NPS survey. Focusing on the customers who are classified as a detractor, a team of experts get in touch with the customers who express their discontent with the service parameter highlighted through the NPS scorecard. Making sure that the customers' expectations are met, the team performs a rigorous service recovery and closes loops for every highlighted concern.

With the passing days, this process is becoming more valuable to Metropolis as this is the key to capturing customers’ voices. NPS not only gives us a platform to understand the customer needs better but also a chance to make products and define services making us an important player and a market leader in our domain.

Metropolis has been a trendsetter in the diagnostic world and our unique approach in managing detractors, analysing complaints, managing service recovery, and taking onboard suggestions for simplifying customer journey has been appreciated by our customers and partners alike. Our Net promoter score is highest in the diagnostic sector – presently trending at a score of ‘85’.