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Hormones are chemicals that run through your body to coordinate different processes, allowing the body to function well. Some glands, tissues, and organs produce hormones. Hormones are chemicals that signal messages to various organs and tissues through the bloodstream. Balanced hormonal functions are vital for good health. You have over 50 hormones controlling different bodily functions, many of which may even be unknown to you.
Hormone tests help monitor important hormones present in your body. The levels of these hormones are significant for vital body functions such as:
•    Metabolism
•    Digestion
•    Growth
•    Homeostasis
•    Sleep-wake cycle
•    Ovulation
•    Regular menstrual cycles
•    Conception
•    Fertilisation
Hormone tests are more commonly done for females experiencing infertility issues. Timely screening through hormone tests at home can help avoid several illnesses. Your doctor may prescribe you a hormone test for different purposes, such as:
•    Confirming pregnancy
•    Detecting hormonal imbalances
•    Tracking menopause
•    Understanding the cause of reproductive issues

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