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President & Chief of Science & Innovation Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

Dr Nilesh Shah

Dr. Nilesh Shah is the President – Internal Assurance & Advisor to the CEO at Metropolis Healthcare Ltd. Over the course of his 36-years tenure with the organization, he has made major contributions to propelling Metropolis to greater heights.

Dr. Nilesh is a versatile executive at Metropolis who has established high quality standards in all areas of operations and services. Dr. Shah’s passion for quality has contributed to Metropolis Healthcare receiving national and international accreditations such as CAP, NABL, CLIA, NGSP, and SANAS.

He has successfully set up operations across several countries and has played a vital role in building the scientific core of the company. He has introduced various tests, technologies, and test concepts into the organization, many of which were firsts in India. He is an acclaimed speaker who has delivered over 500 presentations and talks and participated in panel discussions across the globe. He has a number of publications to his credit.

Furthermore, he has strengthened and standardized the technical and semi-technical functions in the company, bringing it up to par with a global organization. He has successfully conceptualized and led special services of Metropolis like Clinical research, Hospital Lab Management, Preventive Health Check-ups, Corporate & Wellness Solutions, Public-private partnerships, and so on. He has established essential business and commercial strategies for the company through his techno-commercial talents, which include the creation of a product catalogue as well as pricing and discount methods.

Dr Nilesh Shah is a pathology industry stalwart known for his extensive technical knowledge, logical reasoning, strategic thinking, and sharp analytical skills.