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In today's fast-paced life, your health often takes a backseat. An unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, etc. take a toll and affect your health in the long run.

Doctors stress the importance of regular check-ups to detect any lifestyle health conditions in time and get medical treatment to prevent further complications.

5 Reasons Why You Need Regular Check-ups

1. Stay aware of your health

Due to a busy schedule, you rarely find time to think about your health. You go through your life oblivious to any signs of health conditions. However, due to a lack of awareness, these conditions get ignored and cause complications that affect your quality of life.

Through regular check-ups, your family doctor can detect any signs or symptoms of health conditions and prescribe a treatment to bring the symptoms under control. Regular visits to your doctor also help you build a good rapport with them. It helps you discuss sensitive health issues with them, get advice on matters related to mental health, and get personalised care that benefits your health.

2. Learn if you are at risk of diseases

Regular check-ups will help your doctor find underlying health issues or inherited health conditions you may be unaware of. Certain conditions run in the family, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Your doctor will advise blood tests and imaging tests to detect any inherited health conditions in time.

They will recommend dietary changes and physical exercise for weight management and stress management for better sleep to ensure you stay safe from complications. They will prescribe medications if you have high glucose, cholesterol or blood pressure levels and offer tips on quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption for better health.

3. Control chronic health conditions

Regular check-ups safeguard you from chronic health conditions, such as heart disease. Everyday stress can affect your heart health and increase the risk of heart disease. If left untreated, a minor health issue can escalate into a major health condition.

Regular check-ups help your doctor provide precise solutions for your heart conditions. They will advise tests to detect any blockages in the arteries due to plaque and discuss treatment options such as bypass surgery to improve the blood flow and prevent a heart attack. They will also refer you to specialists for your health conditions.

4. Develop a strong immune system

Getting regular check-ups helps strengthen your immune system, too. These help you become aware of healthy lifestyle habits, a good diet and a fitness regimen. You learn the importance of getting good sleep and quitting smoking and alcohol.

These changes in your approach to health help you make the right choices. Your immune system strengthens over time and protects you from bacterial and viral infections. This prevents illness and improves the quality of your life.

5. Save on medical costs

People often avoid going for check-ups for fear of expensive tests and doctor's consultation charges. However, regular check-ups help prevent costly treatments and surgeries as you discover health conditions and begin timely treatment.

Timely regular check-ups reduce the risks of complications, expensive medications and treatments in the future. So, you save up on medical bills if you get regular check-ups done.

What are some essential regular check-ups?

Here are some regular check-up tests you must get done annually or as per your doctor's suggestions:

  • Routine physical examination: Your doctor will ask about your health, lifestyle and any illnesses in the family. They will check your weight, height and BMI (Body Mass Index). They will suggest a change in diet and physical exercise if the figures are not within the normal range.
  • Blood sugar test: This is a simple blood test that measures your blood glucose levels. Higher than normal levels may indicate prediabetes or diabetes.
  • Cholesterol test: Cholesterol is a type of fat present in your blood. Excess cholesterol could lead to heart disease or stroke. Your doctor will advise you on this test if you have a family history of diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.
  • Blood pressure: High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease. Doctors suggest blood pressure checks every two years for people over 18.
  • Skin test: Regular skin tests help detect new growths, moles, lumps or marks on the skin. These could be signs of skin cancer. If detected early, you can get better treatment.
  • Bone density: With age, your bones become weak. A bone density test after 65 for women and after 70 for men will help get treatment to prevent broken bones or fractures.
  • Dental exam: A dental test done once or twice a year for good oral health is advisable. It helps treat any cavities, gum disease or oral problems in time.
  • Mammogram: Mammograms are X-rays that check for changes in the breasts. Doctors advise a mammogram every two years after you turn 50.
  • Cervical cancer screening: This is a physical exam to check the female organs for signs of disease. It is advised for women between 21 and 65.
  • Prostate exam: This is a screening test to check for early signs of prostate cancer. It is advised for people over 50. It includes a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) blood test and a DRE (digital rectal exam).

Summing up

If you lead a fast-paced lifestyle and find no time for your health, it is time you made changes. Please consult your family physician for regular check-ups. They will advise you on the tests that will help determine if you have any health conditions that need immediate medical treatment. It will help you and your family live a healthy and active life over the years.

For regular check-ups, always trust a certified pathology laboratory. Metropolis India offers a wide range of check-up packages for people in varying age groups. They guarantee timely reports and are trusted by leading doctors and hospitals.

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