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Monsoon Skin Care Tips: How To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Glowing




When the monsoon rains hit India, they bring a sense of relief from the summer heat. However, this change in weather also brings challenges for your skin care routine. High humidity can lead to various skin issues like acne, fungal infections, and dullness. During monsoon, the skin also tends to become dry due to dehydration as a lot of water is lost due to excessive sweating. The need of the hour? A robust monsoon skin care routine tailored to the unique demands of this season. This article offers monsoon skin care tips to keep your skin glowing and healthy during the rainy season.

Best Monsoon Skin Care Routine Tips For A Healthy Skin

Cleanse Like A Pro

Our first step in effective monsoon skin care is cleansing. The humidity and pollution when combined can cause a build-up of dirt and oil on our faces. Use a gentle cleanser that maintains your skin’s normal pH balance and does not cause a damage to its natural protective barrier. Limit cleansing your face to twice daily - once in the morning and once before bed - and always pat dry instead of rubbing. You can also opt for a soap-free cleanser which will prevent dehydration of the skin.

Remember to Exfoliate

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing. But remember that over-exfoliation can strip off your skin's natural oils, causing dryness or excess sebum production. Try using an exfoliant that is suitable for sensitive skin twice a week. Exfoliation of skin also improves blood circulation and helps better absorption of other products.

Right Balance With Moisturization

Moisturizing in the monsoons is as crucial as it is in other seasons. If you have dry skin, apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp; this helps to trap the moisture and keeps your skin soft. For oily skin, use a non-comedogenic, oil-free moisturizer.

Go Minimal on the Makeup

Heavy makeup can clog pores, leading to acne breakouts. Layering makeup can cause excess sebum production, resulting in oily skin. Embrace the "less is more" mantra for your monsoon skin care routine. Choose waterproof and light makeup that lets your skin breathe. You can also try gentle creams and tinted lip balms for better results.

Don’t Skip the Toner

Toners restore the skin's natural pH balance and minimize open pores. Choose an alcohol-free toner to prevent over-drying of your skin. Always read the ingredients in a product before buying.

Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just for summer. It provides protection against harmful UV rays that can damage your skin even on cloudy monsoon days. Choose a wide range of UV protection to shield from both UVA and UVB rays. Go for matt-finish, non-greasy sunscreens for a radiant look.

Use Clay Masks

Clay masks absorb excess oil, remove impurities and detoxify your skin. They are a great monsoon skin care solution for those who struggle with oily skin or acne. You can also buy DIY Earth Mask or Multani Mitti for a similar results. Research your product thoroughly before use.

Give Your Skin A Vitamin C Boost

Vitamin C serum promotes collagen production and protects against sun damage for healthier and brighter skin. Include it in your rainy season skin care routine for an added glow. Vitamin C can also reduce scars and blemishes on the face to a certain extent.

Extra Care For The Feet

Feet are often the most affected by humidity and dirty water during monsoons, causing infections and foot odour. Keep them clean, dry and hydrated. Choose open footwear whenever possible.

Deep Condition for Dandruff-free Scalp

The increased humidity in monsoon can lead to an itchy scalp and dandruff. Use a mild shampoo and conditioner which is suitable for your hair type.


How Do You Take Care of Your Skin During Monsoon?

In addition to the above tips, a healthy lifestyle is also very helpful. Stay hydrated, eat nutritious foods rich in antioxidants, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep.

How does the Monsoon Affect Skin?

Monsoon increases the humidity in the environment, making skin prone to various issues. Oily skin can become oilier and dry skin, drier. There is also an increased chance of fungal infections.

How Can I Make My Skin Glow in Monsoon?

Follow a disciplined monsoon skin care routine, stay hydrated, eat healthy, follow good hygiene practices and consult a dermatologist for any persistent skin issues.

Why Does Skin Itch in the Monsoon?

Itching usually arises from increased sweating, infections or allergies. Wearing synthetic clothes can also cause itching as they trap moisture.

How to do the Best Monsoon Skincare for Oily Skin?

For oily skin, use non-comedogenic products that do not clog the pores. Clay masks can be useful for monsoon skincare. In addition, a toner without alcohol will help to restore the balance of the pH and minimize the pores.

How to do the Best Monsoon Skincare for Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin requires gentle care with products specifically designed for it. Avoid harsh exfoliation and always conduct a patch test before trying new products.


Following the right monsoon skin care tips and routine can help you deal with monsoon-related skin issues. However, everyone's skin is unique, so what works for one person may not work for another. If you face persistent skin problems, it would be wise to consult a dermatologist or a healthcare professional.

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Remember - your health is your wealth and prioritising skincare is not vanity but sanity!

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