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How To Stay Active in Winter: 6 Winter Exercise Tips



Did you just get started with your daily workout routine, but finding exercising completely impossible during this chilly time of the year? Feel like pulling up the blanket and not move even an inch unless that move is within your cozy bed? Ha ha! This is certainly not new for most of us. However, what makes achievers achieve their fitness goals is a little motivation and few simple hacks to stay active in winter.

It’s important to exercise in winter 

Exercising in winter might appear difficult. But, there are enough reasons why you should not give up on your workout during chilly winter. First and foremost, exercise improves your blood circulation and helps keep the body maintain a comfortable temperature inside. There is no heat and humidity, so you can exercise even longer and gain most out of the winter workout! Even a simple walk in the sunlight helps you get a daily dose of vitamin D. Also, amid COVID-19, staying active is quintessential for keeping your immunity intact to fight infection-causing germs.

Here are 6 simple tips for staying active in winter and beat inactivity:

  1. Check the mirror and play a mind game with yourself

    As per few global surveys, people tend to gain 2.25 to 3.15 kg on an average during the winter months. Remind yourself that it is easy to hide that belly fat under sweaters and loose fitting sweatshirts, but summers will be back in some 2-3 months and that will no more be easy! Your mind will keep reminding you about this and make you move more. Remember, it’s not about the few kilos you put on, it’s about the extra load you aimed to take off! 
  2. Bring exercise indoors

    You may not feel comfortable to exercise outside during the winter months. Opt for workouts you can do indoors, and also stay active and warm. You can walk up and down the stairs for 10-15 times in one go and repeat this twice to thrice a day. Join a community dance class or work out to a video at home. If you love to dance, just move around on that groovy music track you love. The most important part of an exercise routine is to find pleasure in it and enjoy it too. If you’re having fun, you are more likely to stick with exercise.
  1. Remove layers as you heat up

    It is common to put on too many layers during winter. The mistake that most people make is to not peel them off in time. Exercising helps your body get considerably warm. Remember that it is time to discard the layers to feel comfortable as soon as you feel your body temp is at about baseline. If you get cold later after finishing up, you can put it back on.

    The intensity of exercise will affect how many layers you need. If you chose to run, you might need fewer layers than if you are a walker. The faster you move, the more body heat you produce. Keep in mind that you should always choose a workout that your body can feel comfortably with. A mild pain is common when you are just getting started. However, if you continue to feel lethargic and uncomfortable, consult your doctor. Scheduling a full body health check-up is a great way to know what might be causing the fatigue.  
  2. Don’t let a lack of time get you down

    You might have a very busy schedule, but remind yourself that exercise does not have to take long. Weave movement in your daily chores. There are many simple ways to increase your physical activity. When your favorite song comes on the radio, dance for a minute or two. While you’re brushing your teeth, walk a bit and tighten the muscles in your bottom and thighs during spitting out. Get up and stretch on your sides every 2-3 hours.
  3. Seek out a workout partner or group

    When you exercise with a partner or group, you are more likely to be regular with exercising due to social pressure. You will have to show up because they’re there, waiting for you, even if it is so chilly outside. Exercise partners motivate you and also build a competitive mindset that lets you never skip a workout session.
  4. Get yourself a fur friend

    When it comes to getting fit in the most enjoyable way, your best workout buddy might just be your furry friend! You might not be in the habit of morning walk, but it’s so hard to deny those cute eyes, it won't let you wimp out if it is drizzling! They will wait by your walking sneakers, and tail wagging. Their habit can be enough to change your lazy winter nature.

These great winter workout tips don't require you to brave the cold or the pandemic. Just make your mind that exercising in winter isn’t that tough! 

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