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What will your Skin say to you if it can Talk?



Just like our stomach growls to let us know that we are hungry, similarly, our skin too talks to us to let us know how healthy or unhealthy it is.  We often tend to ignore the vital signs that our skin wants to tell us. It’s just like a plant that needs constant care and nourishment to grow and remain healthy. A lot of us don’t take care of our skin the way we should, either because we are too busy or occupied in our day-to-day lives, are very lazy to listen to the damaging signs that our skin shows or we are unaware of how we can actually take care of our skin. All those dryness and roughness is our skin telling us to look after it and nourish it soon before it gets too late. We readily buy skincare products but do we actually understand how to use them? Do we really need a skincare routine?

Listen to your skin talk!!

When we follow a strict or for that matter a good skincare routine, it shows on our skin, our skin thanks us in many ways; it starts to glow, and the result? Well, we can just put aside all the hefty makeup to cover our skin as it does the trick for us automatically without having to use ten different creams and foundations to cover it up. You will be glad to show off your skin daily, but all it takes is a little effort from your side for healthy and beautiful skin. Every acne, or that fine line is a communication message our skin is trying to reach us with. While this may sound new and surprising, it is factual as our body works as an entire ecosystem. Whatever happens inside the body gets reflected outside. For example, if you lack enough red blood cells, your skin appears pale and washed out. Another example what most of you will find relatable is, if we get acne or pimples, it is our skin telling us that some hormonal imbalance or blood sugar levels have been compromised. Common hormonal imbalances that can affect skin include deranged levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). When we feel hot, we sweat profusely, why? It is our body’s way of telling us to cool down by secreting excess heat. Also,, it is crucial to take extra care of facial skin and dry skin areas by following a daily skin care routine at home, especially during seasonal changes.

Encrypt what your skin says

  • Acne/Hair fall/hair thinning- faulty lifestyles in today’s generation have led to increase in body fat which in turn causes insulin resistance. This can lead to raised androgens (testosterone) levels- hormones that start to act on our body thereby causing acne and hair fall.
  • Recurring boils- white spots or patches visible on the skin are warning signs that something is not right with your skin. If the bad bacteria i.e. the pathogenic bacteria start to invade, it reflects poorly on your skin. This can be due to the excsessive use of antiseptic soaps or due to staying damp/wet for a long period of time. They might kill the good bacteria and pave way for the bad ones to grow.
  • Cold sores- those blisters that pop up every now and then are a consequence of too much stress, being sick for long, harmful exposure to the sun, etc. A common cause is herpes virus and at times can be very painful too.

Go that extra mile for your skin

When you put in a little effort and energy towards making your skin better, it will reciprocate with the same love and energy. Feel more healthy from within and present yourself more beautifully and energetically. If you have to start taking care of your skin from today, start from the natural and easy ways. There’s nothing like following a skincare routine at home, especially during this COVID pandemic. Start by exercising often if not daily at the least 2-3 days a week. It is important for you to be in good health, once you start exercising, it will increase your oxygen and blood flow to help carry all the essential nutrients to all the cells in your body. It will also aid in the elimination of waste materials from the body.

The other important factor to keep your skin in check is to drink plenty of fluids. Natural drinks like coconut water can work wonders for your skin in no time. All the dryness visible in the form of white flakes on the elbow or knees is your skin telling you to drink more and more water and remain adequately hydrated.

Another easy natural remedy is the regular consumption of vitamin C; plenty of vitamin C can be found in leafy vegetables and fruits. Lemon, oranges, kiwis, broccoli, etc should be consumed to get the required dose of vitamin C for your skin. People who get up early for walking or exercising get the best sunlight, which is an excellent source of vitamin D for your body. Get that sun on your body during early morning hours as it acts as a natural source of vitamin D. While vitamin D is essential, one should be wary of the harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and body, hence always wear a good sunscreen (with adequate sun protection factor) before stepping out.

These are just some basic ways in which you can listen to your skin and take care of it. All these will do their work eventually but it must be You who should be willing to put in the hard work for yourself. You need not spend lavishly on your daily skincare routine, just understand when your skin is trying to speak to you, pay heed to the signs it displays, and work towards repairing it. 

Make sure you are in a healthy relationship with your skin, and fully committed to protecting and nourishing your skin!

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