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Blood Urea Nitrogen Test

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Test Overview

Blood Urea Nitrogen Test (BUN Test) a test that measures the amount of urea nitrogen in blood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blood Urea Nitrogen is a very common test that indicates how well are your kidneys performing in their ability to filter urea from the blood.  It is also used to help determine the effectiveness of dialysis treatment if you're receiving haemodialysis (artificial kidneys used to filter blood in cases when natural kidneys have failed) to see if the dialysis is working properly and the artificial kidney is able to clean the blood performing work of the natural kidney. The test is often a part of the routine health check-up and helps diagnose number of other conditions, such as liver damage, urinary tract obstruction, congestive heart failure or gastrointestinal bleeding — although an abnormal BUN is not specifically associated with any of these conditions.

BUN is often ordered with other kidney related test such as creatinine when kidney problems are suspected.

Some signs and symptoms of kidney dysfunction include Fatigue, poor appetite, or trouble sleeping, swelling or puffiness (edema), particularly near the eyes or on the face, wrists, abdomen, thighs, or ankles, unusually textured or coloured urine, a decrease in urine output, burning or abnormal discharge during urine, and increased frequency. This entire spectrum of conditions can indicate a kidney disorder and needs further testing.

During digestion of proteins, our liver produces ammonia as a by-product. This ammonia further gets converted into urea and gets released into the blood. Since urea is a toxic substance, our body eliminates it from the blood, by the kidneys; as this blood enters the kidneys they filter them out and urea gets eliminated in the urine. If unusually high concentration of urea is present in the blood, it indicates something wrong with the kidney, and is associated with the inability of the kidney to filter out blood.  Thus, urea is measured in terms of “Blood Urea Nitrogen”

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