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G6pd Test

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G6pd Test Overview

Glucose -6-Phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) is a protein that prevents the destruction of the cells by free radicals building up in the body. Abnormality of the enzyme causes RBC's to break down prematurely. G6PD deficiency is one of the most common enzyme deficiency worldwide causing a spectrum of diseases including neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, acute hemolysis, and chronic hemolysis. This is a X-linked inherited disorder and more than 300 different types of G-6-PD variants have been described. 

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Summary Price Of G6pd Test

We are a trusted lab, offering G6pd Test with a transparent pricing structure.

The cost of G6pd Test in India varies as per the city in India.

The average price of G6pd Test ranges from ₹250 to ₹805.

The price for the test in the following cities is:

  • Chennai: ₹700
  • Delhi: ₹650
  • Mumbai: ₹805
  • Pune: ₹700

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Frequently Asked Questions

G6pd test is done in patients suspected to be G6PD deficient. Patients include cases of  neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, acute hemolysis, and chronic hemolysis. The usual triggers for hemolysis include :

  • Bacterial infections
  • Certain medications like antibiotics and NSAIDs.
  • In babies with unresolving jaundice. 

G6pd test detects presence G6PD enzyme as deficient or not deficient

During G6pd test blood sample is taken from a vein in your arm, using a small needle. After the needle is inserted, a small amount of blood will be collected into a test tube or vial. You may feel a  little sting when the needle goes in or out. This usually takes less than five minutes.

G6PD deficient patients may suffer from hemolytic episodes and jaundice when exposed to a trigger; in absence of a trigger they are usually asymptomatic. G6PD not deficient results are considered normal. Result may come false not deficient in case a G6PD deficient person is tested during hemolytic episode.

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