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Fever Panel, Multiplex PCR

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A Fever Panel Test is a comprehensive diagnostic tool. Fever Panel Detection by Real Time Multiplex PCR enables detection of diverse pathogens, encompassing Plasmodium spp., Dengue virus, Salmonella spp., Rickettsia spp., Chikungunya virus, West Nile virus, Leptospira spp., and Zika Virus, enabling rapid and precise amplification and identification of their genetic material in real-time. This pioneering approach empowers healthcare providers with swift, comprehensive, and accurate insights into the array of potential infections responsible for fever, equipping them to expedite diagnoses and administer targeted treatments, thereby optimizing patient care outcomes. 

Reasons for Undergoing the Fever Panel Test 

Fevers can indicate myriad health issues; from common flu to severe diseases like dengue or malaria.  

The Fever Panel Test is an advanced diagnostic tool that helps detect infectious agents triggering your fever. Here are some scenarios where this test becomes crucial: 

  • Persistent High Fever: If your thermometer consistently reads above 100.4°F for more than 2 days, a Fever Panel Test can help identify its cause. 

  • Travel History: Your fever could be due to region-specific diseases like Zika or West Nile virus. The Fever Panel Test helps confirm this. 

  • Ineffective Medication: If regular medications aren't reducing your fever, it might be due to a resistant strain of bacteria or virus that only a Fever Panel Test can detect. 

List of Parameters Considered During the Fever Panel Test 

The Fever Panel Test uses Real-Time Multiplex PCR technology to check for eight major pathogens causing fevers: 

  • Plasmodium spp. (Malaria) 

  • Dengue virus 

  • Salmonella spp. (Typhoid) 

  • Rickettsia spp. (Spotted fever) 

  • Chikungunya virus 

  • West Nile virus 

  • Leptospira spp. (Leptospirosis) 

  • Zika Virus 

Each pathogen corresponds to a specific disease, helping doctors pinpoint the exact cause of your fever and prescribe targeted treatment. 

Home Collection for Fever Panel Test Near You  

Metropolis Healthcare offers home sample collection for the Fever Panel Test. A certified phlebotomist visits you and collects a 3ml blood sample in an EDTA Vacutainer, maintaining all safety protocols. The samples are then sent to the Metropolis' advanced diagnostic labs for processing. You can always speak to our consultants to inquire about the Fever Panel Test price.  

Fever Panel Test Price in Different Cities 

The cost of a Fever Panel Test may vary depending on your location and the diagnostic lab you choose. The average Fever Panel Test Price in India ranges from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 6000. It's essential to check with your preferred diagnostic lab for the most accurate pricing. 

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Fever Panel, Multiplex PCR Price

Metropolis Healthcare is a leading diagnostics centre and pathology lab in India equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies that provides the Fever Panel, Multiplex PCR with a clear pricing structure.

The Fever Panel, Multiplex PCR Price in Mumbai is ₹ 5,800 .

We are committed to deliver accurate and quality results from the best labs in India with complete transparency regarding test cost and turnaround time. No matter where you are, we strive to offer patients high-quality service that is affordable and accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Fever Panel Test is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that detects eight major pathogens causing fevers using Real-Time Multiplex PCR technology.

The Fever Panel Test Price varies between cities but generally ranges from Rs 5000 - Rs 6000 excluding home sample collection charges.

A Fever Panel Test includes eight different tests, each corresponding to a specific pathogen causing fever.

For persistent fever, a comprehensive Fever Panel Test is recommended as it screens for multiple pathogens simultaneously.

If your fever lasts more than a week and is accompanied by chills, body ache, weakness, or other unexplained symptoms, it's time to consider a Fever Panel Test.

No, a Fever Panel Test is generally recommended when standard tests fail to determine the cause of persistent fever.

The Fever Panel Test Price varies by location and diagnostic centre but is generally considered affordable given its comprehensive nature.

A Fever Panel Test requires a blood sample which involves a minor prick and slight discomfort but isn't generally painful.

The Fever Panel Detection by Real Time Multiplex PCR measures the genetic material of various pathogens. It enables the detection of a wide range of infectious agents, including Plasmodium spp. (malaria-causing parasites), Dengue virus, Salmonella spp., Rickettsia spp., Chikungunya virus, West Nile virus, Leptospira spp., and Zika Virus in blood.

This test is performed to swiftly and accurately identify the causative agents behind febrile conditions. It's particularly useful when multiple infections might be responsible for the fever, enabling rapid detection of a diverse array of pathogens.

Fever Panel Detection by Real Time Multiplex PCR is recommended for cases where fever could be attributed to a range of pathogens. It's useful for individuals with complex or unexplained fever, suspected exposure to different infectious agents, or those requiring prompt and precise diagnosis.

Abnormal results could indicate the presence of one or more pathogens. Further analysis and clinical assessment may be required to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

The test involves collecting a sample, usually blood and analyzing the genetic material of potential pathogens using Real Time Multiplex PCR technology.

Specific preparation instructions will be provided by the healthcare provider, but typically fasting or specific dietary restrictions may not be required.

Additional tests might include imaging studies, specific antibody tests, or other diagnostic tests based on the results and suspected conditions. One may also consider doing Fever Profile (Maxi), Fever Profile (Super Mini), Fever Profile (Super Maxi), and Fever Profile Detection by Real-Time Multiplex PCR.

• Comprehensive Pathogen Detection Panel

• Multiplex PCR Infectious Pathogen Profile

Plasmodium species are parasites that cause malaria, a mosquito-borne infectious disease. Malaria symptoms include fever, chills, fatigue, and can be severe if left untreated.

Dengue virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes dengue fever. Symptoms range from mild fever and body pain to severe dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome.

Salmonella bacteria cause salmonellosis, a foodborne illness leading to symptoms like diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever. Severe cases may require medical attention.

Rickettsia are bacteria transmitted by ticks, fleas, or lice. They cause diseases like spotted fever and typhus, resulting in fever, rash, and other flu-like symptoms.

Chikungunya virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes chikungunya fever. It leads to high fever, joint pain, rash, and other debilitating symptoms.

West Nile virus is transmitted through mosquito bites and can cause West Nile fever. Symptoms range from mild flu-like symptoms to severe neurological complications.

Leptospira bacteria cause leptospirosis, usually contracted through contaminated water or soil. Symptoms include fever, headache, muscle pain, and can progress to severe complications.

Zika virus is also transmitted by mosquitoes. While often mild, it can cause birth defects in babies born to infected mothers and is associated with Guillain-Barré syndrome in adults.

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