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HCV Genotyping by PCR & Sanger Sequencing (Serum or Plasma)

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HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) genotypes, classified into six main types with multiple subtypes, define genetic variations in the hepatitis C virus. Understanding the genotype is crucial for tailoring effective antiviral therapies, predicting treatment outcomes, and managing hepatitis C infections in the blood.

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HCV Genotyping by PCR & Sanger Sequencing (Serum or Plasma) Price

Metropolis Healthcare is a leading diagnostics centre and pathology lab in India equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies that provides the HCV Genotyping by PCR & Sanger Sequencing (Serum or Plasma) with a clear pricing structure.

The HCV Genotyping by PCR & Sanger Sequencing (Serum or Plasma) Price in Mumbai is ₹ 7,420 .

We are committed to deliver accurate and quality results from the best labs in India with complete transparency regarding test cost and turnaround time. No matter where you are, we strive to offer patients high-quality service that is affordable and accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

This test measures the specific genotype of the Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in your blood. Genotyping helps determine the strain of the virus and guides treatment decisions to ensure optimal results.

  • To guide treatment decisions: Different HCV genotypes respond differently to antiviral drugs, so knowing your genotype helps choose the most effective treatment.
  • Assess disease progression: Certain HCV genotypes are associated with a higher risk of liver damage and disease progression.
  • Determine transmission sources: Identifying the genotype can help trace the source of infection in certain cases.

This test is recommended for individuals with:

  • Chronic Hepatitis C infection to determine the specific genotype and guide treatment decisions
  • Previous or current treatment failure, as a change in therapy might be required
  • Before initiating therapy, to select appropriate antiviral drugs
  • Recipients of blood transfusions or organ transplants to identify the source of infection

The result will indicate the specific genotype of the Hepatitis C Virus in your blood. Abnormal results may suggest a high-risk genotype associated with more severe liver damage or indicate resistance to certain antiviral drugs. Discuss the results with your doctor for further evaluation and appropriate treatment recommendations.

  • A small blood sample will be collected from your vein.
  • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and Sanger sequencing techniques will be used to identify your Hepatitis C genotype.
  • The laboratory will analyse the genetic material of the virus to determine its genotype.
  • You will receive the test results from your healthcare provider.

Reach out to your healthcare provider for any specific requirements.

Other tests that may be ordered alongside HCV Genotyping include:

  • HCV Viral Load Testing: Measures the amount of Hepatitis C Virus RNA in the blood to determine the severity of infection.
  • Liver Function Tests: Assess liver health and determine if hepatitis C has caused any liver damage.
  • HCV Antibody Testing: Confirms whether you have been exposed to the Hepatitis C Virus.

Hepatitis C Virus Genotyping using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and Sanger Sequencing

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that primarily affects the liver. It can lead to chronic liver disease if left untreated. The virus is transmitted through contact with infected blood.

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