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DIC (Coagulation) Profile

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The "DIC (Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation) Profile" is a comprehensive set of tests used to assess and diagnose the presence of DIC, a serious and life-threatening medical condition that involves abnormal blood clotting throughout the body. DIC is often associated with underlying severe illnesses or conditions, such as infections, trauma, cancer, or complications during pregnancy. The key components of the DIC Profile include: CBC (Complete Blood Count): This test provides information about the cellular components of the blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Abnormalities in these components may indicate potential coagulation issues. PT (Prothrombin Time): The PT test evaluates the function of the extrinsic pathway of coagulation, assessing the clotting ability of factors involved in this pathway. It measures the time it takes for the blood to clot after the addition of certain chemicals. PTT (Partial Thromboplastin Time): The PTT test evaluates the function of the intrinsic pathway of coagulation, assessing the clotting ability of factors involved in this pathway. Similar to PT, it measures the time it takes for the blood to clot after the addition of specific reagents. Fibrinogen: Fibrinogen is a protein that plays a central role in blood clot formation. Measuring fibrinogen levels helps in assessing the body's ability to form stable blood clots. D Dimer: D Dimer is a breakdown product of fibrin, which is released when blood clots dissolve. Elevated D Dimer levels can indicate increased blood clot formation and breakdown, which is a characteristic feature of DIC. The DIC Profile is essential in diagnosing and monitoring patients suspected of having DIC, as it provides a comprehensive evaluation of the coagulation system. The results of these tests help healthcare providers make timely and appropriate decisions regarding the management and treatment of patients with DIC, which may include addressing the underlying cause, administering blood products, and providing supportive care to prevent further complications. Early detection and intervention are critical in improving outcomes for patients with DIC.

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DIC (Coagulation) Profile Price

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Frequently Asked Questions

The DIC Profile evaluates different components involved in blood clotting, including CBC, PT, PTT, Fibrinogen, D Dimer.

• To diagnose and monitor various conditions related to blood clotting disorders, such as disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), liver disease, von Willebrand disease, haemophilia, and deficiencies in clotting factors • To evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and assess the risk of abnormal clotting or bleeding

• DIC Profile is recommended if you have symptoms such as unexplained bleeding or bruising, blood clots in unusual locations, excessive menstrual bleeding, or a history of blood clotting disorders. • Patients with liver disease or certain genetic conditions that affect blood clotting may also undergo this test.

Abnormal results in the DIC Profile can indicate various conditions such as DIC, liver disease, haemophilia, von Willebrand disease, or deficiencies in clotting factors.

During the test, a small amount of blood will be drawn from your vein. The blood sample will be sent to the laboratory for analysis.

• Inform your doctor about any medications or supplements you are taking. Also, tell them if you have any specific requirements. • Follow any specific instructions provided by your doctor or the lab.

• Platelet Count: This test measures the number of platelets in the blood and helps evaluate clotting function. • PT-INR: This test measures the time taken for blood to clot and assesses the effectiveness of anticoagulant therapy. • Thrombin Time: This test evaluates the conversion of fibrinogen to fibrin and assesses the clotting process.

Coagulation Profile or Hemostasis Profile

Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a serious condition characterised by abnormal blood clotting throughout the body's blood vessels, leading to both excessive clot formation and increased bleeding tendencies. It can occur as a complication of various underlying conditions such as infections, cancer, or trauma.

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