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Carnitine Free and Total Plasma

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Carnitine is an amino acid that plays a crucial role in energy production by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria. Carnitine abnormalities can lead to various health issues.

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Carnitine Free and Total Plasma Price

Metropolis Healthcare is a leading diagnostics centre and pathology lab in India equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies that provides the Carnitine Free and Total Plasma with a clear pricing structure.

The Carnitine Free and Total Plasma Price in Mumbai is ₹ 13,380 .

We are committed to deliver accurate and quality results from the best labs in India with complete transparency regarding test cost and turnaround time. No matter where you are, we strive to offer patients high-quality service that is affordable and accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

This test measures the levels of free and total carnitine in your plasma. Free carnitine refers to the amount of carnitine available for use, while total carnitine includes both free and acylcarnitine. 

The measurements gained from this test provide valuable information about the status of carnitine metabolism in your body. This test is helpful in various scenarios, including:

  • Diagnosing primary and secondary carnitine deficiencies
  • Assessing carnitine metabolism disorders
  • Monitoring patients on valproic acid or other medications that can affect carnitine levels
  • Evaluating individuals with symptoms such as muscle weakness, fatigue, or metabolic disturbances

Your doctor may recommend this test if you

  • Exhibit symptoms associated with primary or secondary carnitine deficiencies.
  • Have a family history of carnitine metabolism disorders.
  • Are taking medications that may impair carnitine levels.
  • Experience unexplained muscle weakness or fatigue.

Abnormal results could indicate conditions such as primary or secondary carnitine deficiencies, valproic acid toxicity, or metabolic disturbances.

This test involves drawing a small sample of blood from a vein in your arm using a needle and a syringe. You may feel a slight pinch as the needle is inserted, but the procedure is generally quick and relatively painless.

To prepare for this test:

  • Inform your doctor about any medications or supplements you are currently taking.
  • Follow any fasting instructions provided by your doctor.
  • Avoid excessive physical activity before the test, as it can affect carnitine levels.

Please reach out to your healthcare provider for any specific requirements.

Additional tests that may be recommended alongside the Carnitine Free and Total Plasma test include:

  • Acylcarnitine Profile: This test measures specific acylcarnitines to further evaluate carnitine metabolism disorders.
  • Organic Acid Analysis: This test examines organic acids in urine or plasma, assisting in diagnosing certain metabolic disorders.

Primary carnitine deficiency is an inherited disorder characterised by reduced levels of carnitine in the body. This condition affects the body's ability to use fats for energy production and can lead to symptoms such as muscle weakness, heart problems, and liver dysfunction.

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