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SARS COV2 Nucleocapsid Antibody Test (Not for Vaccinated)*

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Nucleocapsid Antibody Test Overview

SARS CoV 2 is an enveloped, single-stranded RNA virus of the family Coronaviridae, genus Beta coronaviruses.

SARS CoV 2 is transmitted person-to-person primarily via respiratory droplets, but also indirect transmission through contaminated surfaces is possible.

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Summary Price Of SARS COV2 Nucleocapsid Antibody Test (Not for Vaccinated)*

We are a trusted lab, offering SARS COV2 Nucleocapsid Antibody Test (Not for Vaccinated)* with a transparent pricing structure.

The cost of SARS COV2 Nucleocapsid Antibody Test (Not for Vaccinated)* in India varies as per the city in India.

The average price of SARS COV2 Nucleocapsid Antibody Test (Not for Vaccinated)* ranges from ₹200 to ₹850.

The price for the test in the following cities is:

  • Chennai: ₹700
  • Delhi: ₹700
  • Mumbai: ₹700
  • Pune: ₹700

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Frequently Asked Questions

Detection of IgG antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 may be useful in the following situations:

  • COVID-19 serological survey to understand the proportion of the population exposed to infection with SARS-CoV-2 including asymptomatic individuals. Depending upon the level of seroprevalence of infection, appropriate public health interventions can be planned and implemented for the prevention and control of the disease. Periodic serosurveys are useful to guide the policymakers.

  • A Serology survey in high-risk or vulnerable populations (health care workers, frontline workers, immunocompromised individuals, individuals in containment zones, etc) to know who has been infected in the past and has now recovered.

Typically, in this pandemic period, most doctors only suggest a nucleocapsid antibody test to diagnose COVID-19 if you have symptoms or you've had exposure to someone with COVID-19. To get COVID-19 antibody testing, you have to be fully recovered from COVID-19. But in a limited number of communities, people who never had symptoms of COVID-19 are included in antibody testing. Some have positive results, meaning they likely were infected by the COVID-19 virus at some time.

Ideally, any individual can go for the test and we can promote it to the general population

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