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5 Nucleotidase Activity (Serum) Test

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The enzyme 5-nucleotidase is primarily found in liver cells and in blood. The enzyme helps break down nucleotides in our body. The level of this enzyme in your blood helps physicians understand how well your liver is working and detect liver- or bone-related health conditions.

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5 Nucleotidase Activity (Serum) Test Price

Metropolis Healthcare is a leading diagnostics centre and pathology lab in India equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technologies that provides the 5 Nucleotidase Activity (Serum) Test with a clear pricing structure.

The 5 Nucleotidase Activity (Serum) Test Price in Mumbai is ₹ 6,300 .

We are committed to deliver accurate and quality results from the best labs in India with complete transparency regarding test cost and turnaround time. No matter where you are, we strive to offer patients high-quality service that is affordable and accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

The 5 nucleotidase activity (serum test) measures the levels of 5-nucleotidase enzyme in your blood serum. Normal levels of this enzyme indicate healthy functioning of the liver, whereas elevated levels may indicate liver damage or disease involving hepatobiliary obstruction.

  • To assess liver function and detect liver damage,
  • To diagnose and monitor diseases involving hepatobiliary obstruction,
  • To monitor treatment effectiveness for conditions related to the liver,
  • To detect drug-induced liver injury,
  • To assess alcohol-induced liver disease.

Your doctor may recommend the 5 nucleotidase activity (serum test) if you have:

  • Elevated levels of alkaline phosphatase detected in previous tests,
  • Symptoms suggesting liver damage or disease such as jaundice, dark urine, itchy skin, abdominal swelling, or tenderness,
  • A family history of liver diseases,
  • A history of heavy alcohol consumption or drug abuse,
  • Been exposed to hepatitis viruses through infected blood transfusions, sexual contact, or shared needles.

Elevated levels may indicate liver damage or disease involving hepatobiliary obstruction. The results are then interpreted in conjunction with other diagnostic tests and your medical history.

Here's what you can expect when undergoing the 5 nucleotidase activity (serum test):

  • The blood sample will be collected from a vein in your arm.
  • A tourniquet will be applied to your upper arm to enlarge the veins, making the blood draw easier.
  • An antiseptic solution will be used to clean the skin surface before inserting a needle into the vein.
  • The blood sample will be collected into a sterile tube.
  • You may experience a slight pinch or stinging sensation when the needle is inserted.
  • Fasting is not required for this test; however, you may be asked to avoid alcohol for 24 hours before the test.
  • Avoid fatty foods and drinks before the test.

Other tests that may be recommended along with the 5 nucleotidase activity (serum test) include:

  • Liver function tests: Tests such as ALT, AST, and bilirubin measure liver function and help diagnose various liver problems.
  • Hepatitis B and C tests: These tests detect the presence of hepatitis B and C viruses in your blood.
  • Imaging tests: Ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI may be recommended to visualise the liver and identify any abnormalities.
  • Viral load tests: Viral load tests quantify the number of virus particles in your blood and monitor the effectiveness of antiviral treatment.
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