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About Gynecxpert

The Health of Women and Girls Determines the Health and Well-Being of Our Modern World. As custodians of family health, women play a critical role in maintaining the health and overall well-being of her communities. However, because of the many roles women play, they too often are focused on the health care of their spouse or children, while neglecting their own needs.

Hence, Metropolis brings to you GynecXpert for conclusive diagnosis in Gynecology & Obstetrics.

GynecXpert is a unique offering from Metropolis which works towards providing comprehensive laboratory solutions to Gynaecologists, Obstetricians and Infertility Specialities. GynecXpert brings in total diagnostic solutions ranging from screening, monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis and risk assessment of various conditions with comprehensive test menu and reports with better interpretation. Highly experienced pathologists, genetics and latest state of the art technologies make GynecXpert the most unique and advanced one-point solution to all gynaecology related issues.

What does Gynecxpert offer?

GynecXpert offers more than 100+ tests and unique & comprehensive test panels for conclusive diagnosis and prognosis of gynaecology related ailments. These include maternal screening, antenatal tests, gynecological cancer screening, menopause, BOH, PCOS & anemia work-up. We hand hold the women with laboratory support through IVF treatment and compliment lab services with genetic counselling and testing.

Unique Offerings:


    • 100 plus tests
    • Unique & Comprehensive panels
    • All tests follow international guidelines for clinical reference range
    • All testing equipments are approved by USFDA and CE
    • Conclusive Panels for Maternal Screening with reflex NIPS or Karyotyping/FISH

    • Genetic Counseling via Teleconferencing
    • Expert opinion with pre and post test counseling
    • Advanced Genetic Testing Services like Karyotyping, FISH, Chromosomal Array, NIPS etc Trend analysis of all quantitative tests

    • 12 Labs across India with FMF accredited platforms for Maternal Screening
    • Experienced Pathologists & Geneticists
    • Accurate & Interpretative Reports
    • Dedicated medical affairs team to support clinical needs of Doctors and testing queries of patients
    • Medical Advisory Board

Test Menu

We Present to you The Most Expansive Test Menu Available In The Gynec-Pathology Diagnosis Industry. Choose from A Wide Variety Of Tests!

For easy reference, we have sub divided our test menu on the basis of various pathologies in gynecology and obstetrics.. If you are an OB GYN and not sure which would be the right test, please feel free to get in touch with us at Our expert team will be happy to assist you.

  • PREGNANCY - 20+ Tests & Profiles

  • INFERTILITY - 50+ Tests & profiles

  • GYNEC CANCERS - 15+ Tests & Profiles

  • GENETICS - 7+ Tests & Profiles

  • ANEMIA - 10+ Tests & Profiles

We are trusted and accepted by thousands of Gynaecologists, Obstetricians and Infertility Specialists across the globe.

Gynecxpert Medical-Maestros

Gynecxpert has a team of more than 100 highly experienced pathologists and geneticists who are involved in daily reporting and analysis.

We present to you the stalwarts in gynec-pathology diagnosis who have been at the helm for steering gynecxpert as the most trusted partner of thousands of Gynaecologists, Obstetricians and Infertility Specialists across the globe.

Dr. Sushil Shah

Dr Sunil Shah

Chairman and Executive Director, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

Dr. Nilesh Shah

Dr. Kunjal Lila - Consultant Surgical Pathologist

President and Chief of Science & Innovation, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

Dr. Kirti Chadha

Dr Kirti Chadha

Chief Scientific Officer, Sr Consultant Oncopathologist Metropolis Healthcare

Dr. Aparna Rajadhyaksha

Dr Pradeep M. Mahindrakar - Chief Of Lab, Micron Metropolis

Senior Consultant, Molecular Genomics & Genetic Counseling, Metropolis Healthcare

Dr. Alap Christy

profile image

Scientific Business Head – Clinical Chemistry GRL, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

Dr. Pradeep M. Mahindrakar

profile image

Chief of Lab, Micron Metropolis, Panvel

Dr. Pranav Desai

profile image

Chief of Lab, Desai Metropolis, Surat

Dr. Shaikh Ali M Barodawala

Dr Shaikh Ali M Barodawala

Scientific Business Head – Integrated Oncopathology & Surgical Pathology, Metropolis Healthcare

Dr. Vani Ravikumar

profile image

Head Of Laboratory RV Metropolis, Bangalore

Dr. Monisha Banerjee

profile image

Senior Consultant, Molecular Genomics & Genetic Counseling, Metropolis Healthcare

Dr. Ronica Baruah

Dr. Ronica Baruah

Chief of Lab, Ekopath Metropolis, Guwahati

Dr. Kavita Munjal

profile image

Technical Operations Head, Central SBU, Metropolis Healthcare

Dr. Sanjay Ingle

Dr. Sanjay Ingle - Chief Of Lab, Pune

Chief of Lab, Pune and Rest of Maharashtra, Metropolis Healthcare

Dr. Kunjal Lila

profile image

Consultant Surgical Pathologist GRL, Metropolis Healthcare Ltd

Dr. Shimi Sundharan

profile image

Head- Research & Development, Metropolis Healthcare

Gynecxpert Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Duru Shah

Dr Duru Shah


Dr. Jayanthi Reddy

Dr Jayathi Reddy

M.D., D.G.O.,D.N.B., FICOG

Dr. Nitin Chaubal

profile image


Dr. Evan Sequeira

Dr Sequiera


Dr. Alpa Kriplani

profile image


Test Insights

Prenatal Testing Solutions


NextGen NIPT

Fight Cervical Cancer


Maternal Screening Solutions

Maternal Screening Solutions

insights image

Pregapro Pregaplus

Genetic Testing Solutions

Fight Cervical Cancer


Amniochrome Test


Chromosomal Array


Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling

Infertility and Hormones

insights image


Know About Anemia


insights image


insights image

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Gynaecological Cancer

Fight Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer Screening

Maternal Screening Solutions

Ovarian Cancer Screening

Gynaecology Portfolio

Gynec Test Range Card

Test range Card

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss by Dr. Aparna Rajadhyaksha

Role of Genetic Counseling in Prenatal Genetic Screening and Diagnostic Tests by Dr. Jaya Vyas

Cervical Cancer Screening : Morphology to Molecular by Dr. Kirti Chadha

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