Break The Chain
Annual Report 2020-21

financial capital

Achieving exponential growth

Breaking the chain by outdoing ourselves

At Metropolis, we drive growth through continuous investment in state-of-the-art technologies, consistent network expansion, and prudent optimisation of surplus funds. We use our financial capital to build excellence and cash reserves. Thus, ensuring value creation for all stakeholders and long-term business sustainability.

Performance Highlights

  • Revenue ₹ Crores

  • EBIDTA ₹ Crores

  • PAT ₹ Crores

  • PAT before CSR, One-time Share-based and other Expenses ₹ Crores

  • Cash & Cash Equivalents ₹ Crores

  • Patients Million

  • Number of Tests Million

  • Revenue per Patient

  • Revenue per Test

  • 429 Crores
    B2C Sales Contribution