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Annual Report 2020-21
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Human capital

Building capabilities

Breaking the chain by empowering people

Our business demands us to evolve and upgrade constantly, and we have undergone tremendous transformation in our services, processes, and customer practices over time. Last year we experienced an extremely fast-paced up-gradation. We saw an increased number of home visits that required specialised skill sets. To promptly respond to these changes and prepare our people for the same, we focussed on honing their capabilities. The idea was to fortify the backbone of our business and be ready to leap into our growth story. We are continuously aligning our human resource practices with the growing business expectations of a smart workplace and smarter organisation.

Wellbeing and Development

Employee wellbeing is fundamentally vital at Metropolis. We continuously invest in various programmes aimed at improving and strengthening employee engagement across our areas of operations. During FY21, we conducted several training and development programs aimed to empower the employee skill sets. We aim to create a competent workforce to improve customer satisfaction while contributing to overall profitability.

  • 58
    No. of training modules
    for employees
  • 5,510
    No. of trainings conducted
  • 31,214
    Total man hours
    of training


At Metropolis, our continuous endeavour is to build an inclusive culture. As a Company with a global presence, we strive to encompass people from diverse backgrounds. We consciously monitor our commitments towards diversity inclusion with policies framed to promote equality for all. We aim to have a gender-balanced proportion of the workforce and promote diversity in a true sense.

Skilful and Diverse Workforce

  • 4,500+
    Highly skilled and
    motivated member base
  • 41:59
    Female:Male ratio
  • 60% +
    Part of the workforce that
    is millennial and young
  • 216
  • 2,600+
    Scientific and
    technical team
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