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Dear Shareholders,

Returning to how life was at the beginning of 2020 seems like a far-off reality. The COVID-19 virus struck like a sudden spectre, creating an extraordinary situation for everyone. Today, our primary collective effort is to safeguard life and health of our people. Even as the pandemic and consequent lockdowns brought economic activities to a virtual standstill, threatening livelihoods of millions, a strong resolve to adapt and survive is the need of the hour for all. With the looming clouds of uncertainty, we know that life after COVID-19 will be very different, with outcomes dependent on the intensity and timeline of the virus itself.

Quality, Safety and Hygiene will remain our top priority

The pandemic has created a widespread awareness on how pathology labs operate, and consumers today are more aware than ever on good quality labs, accuracy, and reliability in reports. Patients turned to us during their most anxious times and it is of immense pride to us that Metropolis is continuing to perform thousands and thousands of COVID-19 tests for the benefit of the nation. We believe that Metropolis with its strong legacy of quality has further cemented its trust with doctors, hospitals, patients, and key stakeholders. Quality, Safety and Hygiene will continue to remain our top priority as we move forward.

People, Patients and Values

As an organisation, we remain empathetic to all our stakeholders. Metropolis has always put people first and we will continue holding on to this value that is helping us navigate through this unprecedented crisis. We are proud of the 4,500-member Metropolis family who have worked incredibly hard during these difficult times to ensure that COVID-19 and NON COVID-19 testing continues unhindered. Our doctors, phlebotomists, lab technicians, the scientific team and customer care associates deserve a special mention as they sacrificed their personal priorities and worked day in and out for the benefit of our patients. Our core brand values of Integrity, Empathy and Accuracy remains a guiding light for us and has become even more relevant at the face of this pandemic.

Metropolis & COVID-19 testing

The very fact that we were amongst the first approved Private labs by ICMR to start COVID-19 tests and moreover the 1st lab to start and deliver tests with the best TAT and reliability, speaks volumes of our capabilities in testing and reliability of our labs. It is also a matter of immense pride to me that Metropolis today has 7 fully audited and approved COVID-19 Labs at Mumbai (GRL), Thane, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Cochin and Bengaluru. We are the only private lab in the country with the highest number of COVID-19 capable labs. We are certain in our minds to not only emerge stronger from this crisis but also come out with more empathy, compassion, and determination.

Delivering NON COVID-19 pathology tests

institutions has been to take care of the needs of those suffering from long time illnesses and lifestyle conditions; all of these are now termed as NON-COVID-19. Metropolis has ramped up across our network to be able to offer testing services across the country for patients in need. Diabetics, patients diagnosed with heart disease and other lifestyle conditions, those undergoing treatment for cancer, those with pre and post-natal care needs simply cannot afford to postpone their tests, care, and treatment. Following all social distancing protocols and maintaining the utmost patient safety guidelines, Metropolis walks the extra mile to offer all critical and routine tests.

Customer First, Always

The one thing that remains unchanged for us from before the pandemic is our unrelenting focus on customer centricity. Apart from maintaining a consistent net promoter score of 95 and above, our customer first initiatives are focused on creating convenience for our patients. Right from creating a seamless experience enabled by technology, a superior test menu and ensuring highest standard of quality in service and reports, customer centricity is central to how we function.

A total of 100+ new tests were validated and added to the test menu in FY 2019-20. Thus, expanding our capabilities to conduct more specialised tests. We strongly believe that an exhaustive pathology test menu with a good repertoire of specialised and super-specialised tests is our biggest forte and we will continue our efforts to add more tests needed for the patients.

I am also happy to share that Citibank NA in India has placed their trust in us for executing their CSR program titled Ummeed. Under this partnership, Metropolis has committed to undertake up to 1,00,000 COVID-19 tests in Maharashtra. The program is being executed together with Cipla Foundation and United Way of India. It gives us immense satisfaction that several corporates and institutions have placed their trust in us for their testing needs and it stands testimony to our strong legacy of quality.

As we traverse these uncertainties, one thing is for certain: healthcare institutions with a strong sense of ethics will stand the test of the time and emerge stronger. There is no doubt in my mind that Metropolis will continue to post market leading performance while keeping its patients and people as the topmost priority.

On behalf of the board, I would like to thank our employees for their continued support and efforts during the year and in such times. I would also like to thank the investors and shareholders for their unrelenting trust, confidence, and support.

Warm regards,

Dr. Sushil Shah

Founder & Chairman