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People with diabetes have a greater chance of heart attack and stroke. But majority of Indians are unaware that they have a heart or sugar problems. Blood sugar levels left uncontrolled can cause serious health complications and one of the many complications uncontrolled diabetes causes is heart disease. Heart disease is a common health condition in many Indian men and women. It can be quite hard to manage especially as a result of uncontrolled diabetes.

So to prevent the condition from getting out of hand, proper precautions should be taken and sugar levels should be monitored from time to time. So get tested at Metropolis, one of the most advanced lab in your city and get quick and accurate reports of your health. Avail a special offer on TruHealth Packages starting at ₹499 that includes vital tests for Diabetes, Thyroid and Cholesterol. Book your package today!

Details of TruHealth Screen Full Body Checkup


Truhealth Screen


A screening package which covers vital tests like HbA1C for Diabetes, TSH for Thyroid...

Tests Included

4 Parameters

blood test packages
Ideal For

M/F of any age

Why Metropolis?

Metropolis has a team of 200 senior pathologists and over 2000 technicians delivering diagnostic solutions in the areas of routine, semi specialty and super specialty domains like Oncology, Neurology, Gynaecology, Nephrology and many more.

We offer a comprehensive range of 4000+ clinical laboratory tests and profiles, which are used for prediction, early detection, diagnostic screening, confirmation and/or monitoring of the disease.

115+ Advanced
Trusted by Leading
Doctors & Hospitals
Over 2000+
Scientific Officers
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Accurate Reports

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