Metropolis Troponin Coupon Activity

About Troponin Test

Cardiac troponin I is expressed in cardiac muscle tissue by a single isoform with a molecular weight of 23876 Da and consists of 209 amino acid residues. For more than 15 years, troponin I has been known in literature as a reliable marker of cardiac muscle tissue injury and is considered to be more sensitive and significantly more specific in diagnosis of the myocardial infarction than the “golden marker” of the last decades – CK­MB.

Published literature states that serum levels of cardiac enzymes and isoenzymes are essential to the diagnosis or exclusion of myocardial damage and that cardiac troponin I is specific for cardiac tissue and is detected in the serum only if myocardial injury has occurred. These reports state that troponin I determination allows early identification and stratification of patients with chest pain suggestive of ischaemia, allows identification of patients that present 48 hours to 6 days after infarction, and identifies patients with false positive elevations in CK­MB1­6.

About Troponin I Coupon Activity

This activity in partnership with Abbott extends special benefits to an exclusive set of patients. Patients in Mumbai can now easily avail the Troponin Test through coupons issued to them from any of the 100 centers listed below.

List of Centers

Call center number for query: 022 33993939. This coupon activity is applicable only to patients residing in Mumbai

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment to be paid by the patient by present
  • Presenting the troponin coupon to any of the MHL centers listed above
  • Any other test apart fro troponin can be availed at 10% discount while carrying this coupon. This is applicable on all routine and specialised tests
  • Validity of coupon is 12 months from the issue date
  • Presenting the coupon at the center is mandatory to avail the test
  • Home charges applicable if patient chooses to do this test through our home collection service