Lab Acquisition

Established track record of successful acquisition and integration in India and overseas
We have a track record of acquiring and successfully integrating companies to grow our portfolio of laboratory and service network. We have acquired several companies since 2002, which includes established local chains such as Sudharma Metropolis Health Services Private Limited in Kerala and Golwilkar Metropolis Health Services (India) Private Limited in Pune as well as companies outside India.

An ideal partner for acquisition would be:

  • A pathology laboratory with a strong brand identity in the city/district/state that it functions
  • A laboratory that adheres to GLP (Good Laboratory Practices)
  • A player with a strong commitment to customer care and quality
  • An institution that enjoys good relations with a network of doctors/hospitals


What is in it for the partners?

  • Fully equipped world class central laboratory
  • Large test menu
  • Access to a panel of experts
  • Second Opinion and Expert Opinion services
  • Expansive Logistics System
  • Advanced IT and Information management systems
  • Access to regular CMEs, Conferences and Seminars
  • Quality control program of global standards
  • New tests and technology
  • Extensive Research & Development

If you are willing to partner and grow with us, Contact us :

Central Laboratory
Metropolis Healthcare Limited,
250-D, Udyog Bhavan, Hind Cycle Marg,
Behind Glaxo, Worli. Mumbai – 400 030
Tel: 022-33102808