Expert Renal Diagnostic Solutions

Nephromet is a specialised offering from Metropolis Healthcare which works towards providing comprehensive pathology solutions to Nephrology and segment.

Nephromet with its most comprehensive test menu, report with better interpretation, experienced Pathologists, and latest state of art technologies is an expert and advanced one point solution for the diagnosis of all Nephrology & Transplant Immunology related cases.

CAPABILITIES – Nephromet offers expert and unique test panels for rapid diagnosis of the nephrology aliments and transplant cases, advanced cutting edge technology for accurate reports, trusted & accepted by thousands of Nephrologists & Transplant Immunologists, experienced senior pathologists, NABL & CAP Accredited testing centres.

DISEASE COVERED – Polycystic kidney disease, kidney stones, renal dysfunctions etc.

TESTS COVERED – Includes tests from renal function test, GFR with cystatin, drug monitoring tests of Tacrolimus, Cyclosporin, Everolimus, Stone Analysis, PKHD1 – polycystic kidney disease deficiency, Kidney Biopsy, BK Virus Quantitative (Urine and Blood) etc.

OTHER SERVICES – Nephromet also offers Expert Opinion, Interpretative Test report formats.