Metropolis has been approved by the Govt for COVID-19 Test

Sample Home collection can happen ONLY if prescribed by a qualified physician for COVID-19 test.

To book a home visit call 8422-801-801 or click here Reports TAT 48 hrs. (*T&C apply)

Under ICMR approved COVID-19 testing registration no. Metro001

Introducing the Metropolis TruHealth app

With Great Health. You are ready for anything.

Monitoring your inner health can be challenging. But not with Metropolis TruHealth App – Your Inner Health Buddy.

Get your Health Score and know how healthy you are with Metropolis TruHealth app. Now it is quick to book health checkup and blood tests, track your health parameters, upload health records, set medication reminders, search Metropolis centers near you and find nearby doctors and hospitals and much more.

Know your health score!

Find out how healthy you really are! Fill out some simple questions about your medical history, health-status and learn about your health score. This feature also recommends a few check-ups and tests personalized for you.

All your medical reports in one place

Medical reports or test results need to be kept handy for future references. With the TruHealth app, store all medical reports in the ‘My Health Reports’ folder after you receive any personalized test results or reports.

Our fitness tracker for your fitness goals.

Achieve your daily fitness goals with the fitness tracker. Count your steps, see the progress and improve your overall health.

Track your vital health stats

Create a database of your past medical information and trends by updating BMI, blood pressure, thyroid profile and more. In case you notice unusual changes in the report, you can book a blood test directly from the app.

Better inner health comes home

Blood sample collection, now in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is add a home address, choose a suitable time and soon our team of expert phlebotomists will be on their way.

No more forgetting your meds!

The habit of forgetting coming in the way of good health? Create regular reminders for taking your medicines in just seconds.

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