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Safekeeping is indeed the need of the hour and the world around has been adapting to it. Together, as we cope with the changing times, we are here to offer you a healthcare service with Kotak Bank. Our partnership brings access to a very crucial COVIPROTECT Test (also known as SARS CoV2 Antibody Quantitative against Spike Protein). It is a simple blood test to ensure development of sufficient antibodies after recovery from COVID-19 or after getting vaccinated. If you have a Kotak Bank Debit or Credit Card, you can get COVIPROTECT Test at a special discounted price.

Please Note: - Any person availing the health check-up plan under offer is advised to consult their own doctor before taking any decisions based on the same. Kotak Mahindra Bank shall not be responsible for any claims or damages that may be suffered by any person on account of availing the check-up or by following the advice of doctor.

Better known as COVIPROTECT by Metropolis, it is a robust quantitative test that identifies antibodies produced against SPIKE PROTEIN of the virus.

It is recommended to go for this test after 2 weeks of your 2nd dose of COVID vaccine to get an accurate result.

  • Offers better sensitivity & specificity.
  • Excellent concordance with Neutralizing Antibodies.
  • It can aid the authorities to establish the vaccination strategy.
  • It can help determine the eligibility of plasma donors with its plasma therapy cut off.
  • Quantitative tests edge over other qualitative tests in the market.
  • Faster turnaround time, report availability within 24 hours.

COVIPROTECT gives you exact measurement of the antibody titres available in your body against Spike Protein either post vaccination or post infection of COVID 19. The spike protein antibodies are generally developed after 2 weeks of second dose of vaccination or 4 weeks of exposure to infection. Having said that, certain individuals developed Spike protein antibodies even after the first vaccine dose itself.

On the other hand, the Qualitative Test gives you an idea whether Antibodies are present or absent without the actual titre. Its use is limited in knowing the exposure status than to the actual titre. With the advent of COVIPROTECT, it is likely that the qualitative test would become obsolete soon.


Report availability within 24 hours




850 1200

COVIPROTECT a new and upgrade blood test that measures immune status of an Individual after vaccination or an infection with SARS COV2 virus (Corona)

*Home collection charges will be applicable additionally.

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