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Human Capital

Human Capital is of strategic importance. We are ensuring a transformational shift in capabilities, skills, mindset to achieve our aspiration. We have embarked on a journey to assess People Capability, forecasting future requirements, identifying gaps, and integrating the plan with the business strategy ensuring superlative performance in the market.

At Metropolis Healthcare Ltd, we believe in building an organization that is driven by purpose and is future-ready. We continuously strive to attract, develop, and retain our employees and help them build a diverse set of skills. Our employees are well aligned to the DNA of the organization (Integrity, Accuracy, Empathy). Over a period, Metropolis has been able to create a working environment that offers innumerable challenges to its employees that let them thrive. We reassess our business models to keep up with the changes in the fields of Technology and Healthcare. Our agile structures help us sustain the dynamic landscape. “Performance with Purpose” is the mantra at Metropolis. All the employees work towards goals that are deeply linked to the overall organizational objectives. The Leadership Team and the core team have been relentlessly working on projects that are aligned to the key business drivers of the organization.

Our focus on upskilling and reskilling our workforce helps us to deal with the rapid changes in the diagnostics industry. There are focussed programs that help employees get equipped with skills for future roles. We have an integrated Talent Development Programme under which we identify a pool of high potential employees, train them and see to it that they are prepared through several interventions for career advancements in the organization. At Metropolis, we try to leverage Technology and Innovation at every stage. Our digital platform for Engagement and Recognition has helped in building engagement and connect amongst employees and make appreciation a way of life. We are confident that every Metropolitan lives by the company’s ethos and is our brand ambassador. On a broader level, our Human Resource strategy has set the tone for the way an organization operates and how it is viewed by the world. Thereby creating a work environment that’s synonymous with engaged, productive and loyal staff.

An experienced and expert Scientific team led by doctors are central to Metropolis being trusted as a patientcentric brand

Our medical team comprises of over 200 specialized doctors and our scientific team includes biochemists, geneticists, microbiologists, medical technicians, and lab assistants who ensure precision in every single test. Our team’s motto is never just to test a sample but to provide actionable health insight to doctors. By truly making a difference in the lives of our patients, we have come to enjoy a reputation as a trusted and patientcentric brand

A Laser-focused Management Team

Our leadership team led by our Managing Director, Ms. Ameera Shah comes from a diverse background with decades of experience in different functions. Our team is laser-focused on the organization’s top strategic priorities ensuring that the entire Metropolis family is in sync and accountable.

Mr. Vijender Singh, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Nilesh Jadavji Shah, Group President & Head of Science & Innovation
Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, Chief Financial Officer
Ms. Ishita Medhekar, Chief Human Resource Officer
Mr. Kannan A, Chief of Service Operations


  • Competitive compensation
  • Opportunities to groom and grow internal talent
  • Continuous Capability Building
  • Transparent and regular communications
  • Focus on employee wellbeing
  • Investment in corporate social responsibility
  • Leadership Connect
  • Open-door policy
  • Freedom to be creative
  • Quality of hiring
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