Metropolis Presents The #StrongerThanDiabetes contest,where you get a platform to showcase the warrior within you.

Tell us your story about how you fight with diabetes every day!!

  • It's easy to participate!
  • Submit your story as a blog post or a simple image to Twitter or Instagram
  • Blogposts can be submitted through the upload button right below
  • Don't forget to tag @MetropolisIndia and be sure to include the hashtag: #StrongerThanDiabetes
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Are you or your loved ones diabetic?
Don’t worry. We have put together some useful tips for you to tackle your condition!

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Diabetes Tracker

65 Million Indians are Diabetic.

The Indian Urban Middle Class is at a high risk for Diabetes.
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Wellness Packages

Here are some special packages designed by our team of experts.

  • The Diabetes Assessment package helps you determine your risk for developing Diabetes.
  • The Diabetes Complications Assessment Package helps you determine your risk for developing conditions related to Diabetes.