Covid 19 Test

To Book COVID-19 test please share below details or
call us at 8422‑801‑801 (Maharashtra), 044‑4292‑5555 (Chennai), 011‑4228‑0666 (Delhi)

Metropolis has been approved by the Government of India to test and collect samples of COVID-19 under ICMR Approved COVID-19 testing registration no. Metro 001(Mumbai), MC-2518 (Chennai), Metro 001 (Delhi).

Home Sample Collection can happen ONLY if prescribed by a qualified physician for COVID-19 test in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR and Chennai, which is a swab based test. We offer safe and hygienic sample collection at home by our trained technicians. Get accurate and quick reports done at ICMR approved cost in 24-48 hours*.

To book COVID-19 test Call 8422‑801‑801 (Maharashtra), 044‑4292‑5555 (Chennai), 011‑4228‑0666 (Delhi).

Metropolis stands with you during this crisis. We care for you.

We are Metropolis – Your Pathology Specialist.

*Timings may vary depending on pick-up and travel restrictions.

Revised guidelines for COVID-19 testing

Know more about the causes and symptoms of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19)

What is Coronavirus?

How does COVID – 19 spread?

Symptoms of Coronavirus / COVID 19 infection


Sneezing & Coughing

Shortness of Breath

Sore Throat


Precautions Against COVID-19 or Coronavirus infection

No Hand
Avoid Touching
Door Knobs
Paper Towel
Cover when
Disinfecting Wipes

Can the virus that causes COVID-19 be transmitted through the air?

How to Diagnose Coronavirus Infection

What are the treatments for coronavirus infections?

Should I wear a mask to protect myself?

Is there anything that I should not do?

Ensure yours and others’ safety during COVID-19

New Guidelines for COVID-19 testing in Mumbai City