Consultant Pathologist

Consultant Pathologist

1 position in Gurgaon
Qualification: MBBS, MD
Experience: 2.6 years

Role Responsibility:

• Ensure accession and processing of samples and reporting of liable results on sample received, in an error free and timely manner within the stipulated turnaround time.
• Serve as an active member of the scientific staff for those facilities served and provide effective leadership including resource management and laboratory management.
• Relate and function effectively with appropriate administrative officials, the medical community, the laboratory device industry, and the patient population served.
• Ensure cleanliness and laboratory, recording of environmental parameters like temperature of room & water bath, humidity etc., as relevant and required.
• Ensure staff adherence to HR and company policies and guidelines like, confidentiality, discipline and conduct, dress code etc.
• Monitor all work performed in the laboratory to ensure reliable data is being generated.
• Ensure consumption of reagents and ancillary reagents is as per requirement. Identify opportunities of improving efficiency without any compromise on quality of work.
• Ensure all equipment are uniquely identified, calibrated and maintained as per plan, records are kept for the same updated and deviations handled appropriately.
• Provide educational programs for the Technical and Non- Technical staff, and participate in educational programs of the organization.
• IQC is performed as per defined criteria/according to NABL 112 guidelines, Review IQC records, LJ trends and CV% review on monthly basis
• Ensure PT sample are handled as patient samples (to the extent possible) and result reported within timelines.
• Define, implement policies and procedures for providing cost effective clinical laboratory services.
• Ensure ILC is sent to Mumbai lab as scheduled and when needed.
• Ensure urgent samples are processed and reported on priority.
• Review IQC & EQA results, approve acceptance and ensure out of control situations and recorded and appropriate corrective actions are taken, approve processing of samples once the corrective actions are found to be satisfactory.
• Monitor the quality of the services of the referral laboratories.
• Ensure lab process and procedures are reviewed periodically (at least annually) and revision us done as required to ensure continual improvement. Introduce QC checks in processed and activities which are found to be error prone.
• Ensure inter-instrument comparisons and reagent lot of verification is done as defined. Review and approve result of all verifications.
• Ensure compliance to safety requirements/guidelines in the laboratory.
• Ensure critical valued are communicated to patients/doctors/client by customer care/Lab manager/Lab head.
• Ensure the timely and correct reporting of results, if delayed, then timely communication to be given to customers.
• Ensure competency assessments are done, at least bi-annually, for the test performed.
• Ensure Biological reference intervals are reviewed at least once a year or as required.
• Recommend introduction of new tests and ensure appropriate selection of test/kit. Ensure tests are launched after verification. Review and approved verification protocols and reports.
• Ensure SOPs are prepared for all tests and processes.
• Identify areas for improvement. Define Quality Indicators, plan corrective actions, monitor and compile data for the same.
• Reporting/ Authorization of results.
• Interact with doctors, patients and clients in case of queries, complaints, seeking interpretation of results or advise choice of test.
• Review complaints received and plan corrective actions, periodically.
• Prepare and circulate technical notes/memos for continual improvements, launch of new test, etc.
• Plan induction training and interdepartmental trainings as needed for technical lab staff , phlebotomist and sales team.
• Design and implement a contingency plan.
• Participate in internal and external audits; take corrective action in a timely manner.
• Participate/ conduct seminars, workshops, and conferences to acquire/share knowledge as well as business development, sales and marketing support.

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