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Tips to protect your Children from Infections During Monsoon

Monsoon brings some relief from heat and by the end of summer months we eagerly wait for rain showers. This time of the year carries a few health issues for both children as well adults. Children have lower immunity as compared to adults are more prone to getting infections.

If proper care is taken along with appropriate dietary and hygiene measures, we can prevent certain infections during monsoon. Thus, we must be little careful regarding overall hygiene & sanitation.

  • Children are most susceptible to infections from unwashed hands. Therefore, hands must be washed frequently with anti-microbial soaps and sanitizers.
  • While drenching in monsoon and playing in muddy water may be an enjoyable thing for a child, but he/she should not be allowed to play in water for long hours and very frequently.
  • If the child has got drenched, make sure they take a bath with clean water and disinfectant soap.
  • Staying wet for a long time may increase the chances of viral infection, influenza or common cold.
  • In case you notice any signs of illness like fever, sneezing, joint pain, breathing issues, etc. contact your pediatrician right away.
  • Avoid self-medication.
  • Check with your doctor about your child’s immunization schedule & enquire about what vaccines he or she needs in order to be protected from range of diseases.
  • Malaria, dengue fever & chikungunya can be avoided by clearing polluted water or stagnant water, if there any, on an urgent basis from your immediate surroundings, so that mosquitoes do not breed.
  • Apply a strong insect repellent (creams/ gels/sprays) to keep the mosquitoes away.
  • Discourage walking through stagnated water areas.
  • During this season slightly damp clothes can lead to fungal infection. Choose loose, cotton clothes over synthetic & nylon fabrics as it quickly absorbs sweat & let the skin breathe.
  • Children’s’ clothes such as socks, school uniforms, raincoats & shoes must be kept clean & dry.
  • When moving out encourage your child to have an umbrella or a raincoat.
  • Dry their feet whenever they get wet. Don’t allow them to wear wet socks or wet shoes.
  • To avoid eye infections (sty, dry eyes) children should be refrained from touching their eyes with dirty hands or after spending long hours in front of electronic devices.
  • Trim their nails short & keep it dirt free.
  • Proper hand wash is necessary before each meal or after touching anything outdoors, along with washing the feet thoroughly after returning home. This habit will help parents to ensure avoiding any infections during monsoon in their children.

Be Food Ready: –

  • Feed your children lighter foods that can be easily digested & are gut friendly. Stick to eating food that’s been cooked fresh or heated just before serving.
  • Completely refrain buying chaats, salads & juice from roadside vendors.
  • Make sure they carry their own bottle of filtered & boiled water.
  • Try different dal preparations
  • Prepare wholesome soups and serve it warm
  • Natural fruit or vegetable-based health drinks, Haldi milk, ginger-tulsi water & mint lemon water are also very useful.

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Life. Take Care.

Contributed by Dr. Swati Dave, a leading Dietitian and Nutritionist

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