Holi Safety Tips: Skin Problems, Hair Woes, Breathing Issues, And More.

The spring season is already here and Holi, the festival of colors, is ready to welcome the spring with colors, happiness, gujiyas, and warmth of relationships! But natural, organic colors being demoded, it brings along the fear of toxic colors, skin allergies, hair woes, respiratory troubles, and much more for many of you.

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While you gear up to play the second Holi amid the pandemic, we have curated quick, most practical tips to help you stay safe during Holi 2021. Here you go:

Holi Safety Tip #1

Most of the colors being sold and used these days during Holi contain toxic agents and chemical solvents. The scented dry color (gulaal) might even have glass particles. These chemical-laden and abrasive Holi colors when applied on your skin can cause rashes, minor cuts, allergies, and discoloration. Some people might even develop severe skin reactions like blisters. While you cannot enforce everyone to use organic Holi colors, the best way to protect your skin is to cover the skin as much as you can. Wear full sleeves clothes. Also, it is extremely important to prep your skin in pre-holi times. Apply coconut oil (or mustard oil) on the face and other exposed areas. This will form a protective shield on your skin against toxic colors. If you think you are getting severe skin problems while playing Holi, connect to a doctor. Do not apply any random homemade pack as it can do more harm than good.

People having oily skin can apply sunscreen on the skin in place of oil or thick moisturizers. In addition, prefer the sun blockage when you are going out in the sun for playing Holi. Feared that your sunscreen will block the UVB light and lower vitamin D levels? Please note that practically, very few people put on enough sunscreen to block all UV rays. You can opt for the morning sun rays before 10 am to fill your vitamin D stores.

Bonus Tip for Post Holi Skin Care
Apply a paste of curd and gram flour, or raw milk and gram flour on your skin (including face) after playing Holi. This not only helps take out the colors but naturally moistens the skin and improves its texture.

Holi Safety Tip #2

The Hair Guard
Simply shampooing your hair after Holi may not suffice since by then your hair and scalp have already been exposed to the harmful chemicals. Massage your hair and scalp generously with any hair oil before playing holi to protect them against any damage. Colors can make dry hair extra dry and prone to damage and breakage. Oiling will not only nourish them from inside but also grease them that helps take out the colors much easily.

Holi Safety Tip #3

Overeating is still a sin
Just when you were very well pursuing your weight loss journey and keeping your blood sugar levels in control, the yummy gujiyas get you derailed! This is extremely important for diabetics. It might be okay to have a bit depending on your health goals, but over consuming the sweets, snacks, and other delicacies can cause your blood sugar levels to overshoot. The festivals will come and go, but your good health is going to stay with you, helping you enjoy many more festivities coming across. Remember, it is important to keep track of your fasting and post meal blood sugar values so that you know where you stand and you don’t overdo the fun.

Holi Safety Tip #4

Your eyes are precious  
It is not uncommon to splash colors in the eyes while playing holi. Ensure to close your eyes when someone is applying colors on your face. The best way to protect your eyes during holi is to wear a sunglass. In case you get colors in your eyes, do not rub and immediately wash it off with plain running water. Apply tear drops to help clear any residues in forms of tears.

Holi Safety Tip #5

Breathe it right
As stated earlier, toxic agents and chemicals in the holi colors can cause an array of allergies. The symptoms can range from mild ones limited to skin like rashes and itching to moderate and severe ones involving lungs and other organs. You can experience sneezing, coughing and difficulty breathing. Please note allergic signs like breathing issues may demand urgent medical attention as you may not be able to assess the severity of an allergic reaction yourself. If you think your symptoms are severe and are worsening over time, reach out to an expert without delay.

Holi Safety Tip #6

Remember the new normal
The COVID-19 cases have seen a surge in the current time. New variants have been identified that are more infectious and might escape the immune system. Avoid large gatherings and celebrations with unknown people. Keep sanitizing your hands from time to time. Playing holi in smaller groups while following precautions can help you keep check on spread of the pandemic. It is far from over as yet, let’s be vigilant. If you develop any symptoms such as fever, cough, loss of smell, etc., get yourself tested for COVID-19 immediately and self-isolate while the results are awaited.   

We wish you a very Happy Holi!

Let this festival of colors wash away all your health issues and bless you with healthy body and mind. 

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