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Why is Cola bad for your health?

People who consume carbonated drinks usually consume more than the recommended levels of sugar at one go. While WHO recommends about 24 grams of sugar a day, the source of the sugar should ideally come from healthy sources like fruits, vegetables and even pulses. A doughnut or a slice of cake, just like a Cola has added sugars and is unhealthy.

Within the first 10 minutes of consuming a Cola tin, there is an immediate sugar spike in your blood, which in turn leads to a burst in the insulin. This causes your liver to convert all the available sugars in to fat. This is the reason why people who regularly consume Cola have higher BMI, weight gain, higher total fat and obesity.

Cola also has phosphoric acid which binds with calcium and magnesium in your blood. High sugar content coupled with artificial sweeteners increase the urinary excretion of calcium. Also, since Cola is a diuretic, all the nutrients, the bound calcium and magnesium get excreted through urine. These nutrients which otherwise would have been used by our body for building strong bones and teeth.

Limit consumption of Colas or just avoid it entirely. Go for regular health check-ups, monitor your health parameters, consume a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

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