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Five minute tips to relieve stress at work

At office, we are constantly faced with stress. Projects, deadlines, late hours and multitasking could take a toll on your health. It is important to de-stress while you are at work. It improves your health and also helps you perform better.
Here are 5 simple tips to relieve stress at work:

  • Just close your eyes and think of a favourite happy memory: It could be a great birthday party that you recently attended or time you spent with your loved ones.
  • Browse through a photo album of a much enjoyed vacation: Today our smart phones are full of happy memories. Browse through the photos and relax
  • Practise deep breathing: Perhaps the best and easiest way to relieve stress. Deep breathing helps in relieving stress.
  • Keep a glass of water in front of you are imagine that you are drowning your worries in it.
  • Simply stretching your legs or a small walk around your office stress could also divert your mind and take off your stress
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