Logistics and Procedures

Logistics and Specimen Tracking 

We believe that an efficient logistics network is critical to maintain quality of specimens collected by us.

We provide services including (i) supply of pre-analytical and packing material to stakeholders in our operational network; (ii) pick-up of specimen from site of collection and transporting it to our clinical laboratories; and (iii) delivery of test results to patients. In order to support these services, we have a trained in-house logistic team. We also ensure that the specimens are packed in IATA approved packing and are temperature controlled during long distance transport to maintain specimen integrity.

While most of our laboratory locations are serviced through our own in-house logistics team, locations within each catchment area are connected through a logistics network comprising a team of third-party couriers and supported by independent air-freight couriers for longer distance transport. The specimens collected are transported, under the requisite temperature controlled conditions, to our laboratories via airline, road and rail networks.

We have recently launched specimen tracking technology in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The logistics and specimen tracking technology facilitates the real time monitoring of daily shipments from all locations, records the status of the shipment from the time of collection of the specimen, until it arrives at our clinical laboratories and is tested and reported.