WHO bats for a diabetes-free world

Publication: By The Free Press Journal
Posted on: Apr 07, 2016 01:33 am

Mumbai : Out of the 1,00,659 samples tested in past two years for Fasting Blood Glucose between the age group 20 to 80 years in Mumbai, over 21,520 samples were found to be positive for Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and over 20,180 samples were found to be in a pre-diabetic condition which constitutes high risk group for developing diabetes. This was revealed in a recent study conducted by Metropolis Healthcare to create awareness about the rising threat of diabetes in the city in wake of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) theme on ‘Beating Diabetes’ for World Health Day on Thursday.

The study further revealed that in a percentage analysis of overall samples, an increasing trend with progression in productive age group was observed wherein 21.3 per cent are found positive for DM and 20 per cent have pre-diabetes conditions. According to an estimate drawn by the Indian Medical Council of Research in 2014, there are about 77.2 million people in India suffering from pre-diabetes and over 65.1 million diabetes patients. India is second only to China in the number of reported cases of diabetes. By 2030, India is estimated to be the diabetes capital of the world.

Experts state that an upsurge in number of early-onset diabetes cases is also responsible for the development of various diabetic complications due to longer disease duration. They further add that despite increasing awareness of diabetes and its life-altering complications, very few people undergo regular screening tests proactively to prevent disease.

Elaborating on the study, Dr Sonali Kolte, General Manager of Medico Marketing said, “It is absolutely necessary for people to do intensive lifestyle modifications, especially in the cities and develop healthy diet habits to prevent diabetes in the population. Screening for diabetes should begin when you hit 30 to prevent disease wherein regular walks and exercise for adults, physical activity/outdoor activities for children should be part of the lifestyle modifications. Further, timely health checks and regular blood glucose monitoring is essential for Glycemic control and prevention of Diabetes.”

Age Group (Years) Normal Pre-diabetes Diabetes Total
20 to 30 10842 586 416 11844
30 to 40 14733 2182 1916 18831
40 to 50 11361 3715 4001 19077
50 to 60 9619 5448 6369 21436
60 to 70 7690 5253 5733 18676
70 to 80 4714 2996 3085 10795
Total 58959 20180 21520 100659