Post Budget reactions – Ms. Ameera Shah, MD & CEO – Metropolis Healthcare

Posted on: 2016-02-29 10:30:40

“Overall a promising budget. Its heartening to see the fiscal discipline and a slew of initiatives for the under privileged. A lot of emphasis on infrastructure has set the right tone for overall economic reform. When it comes to healthcare, the union budget has rightly addressed the issue of unexpected healthcare expenses being a burden and pushing families in to poverty. The Health Protection Scheme and the Rs. 1 Lakh cover will surely help the families in need. However the budget has once again failed to address any kind of healthcare reform. It is important that the leaders from this industry are heard in the policy process where they can join hands with the Government to spearhead more planned and regulated funds for health and healthcare. This by far has been the most disappointing budget for health. It is time that the government realizes that Health is an important indicator of economic development and work towards an overarching vision for healthcare.”

Source: Equity Bulls