The Pathology section of Metropolis Health Services is as old as the organization. The last 30 years has seen this department, like our company, grow and set the standards for efficient service. Excellent facilities, sound infrastructure, experience, logistics capability…you name it, weve got it!


Metropolis is the only corporate chain of diagnostic centers in India with 85 state-of-the-art-laboratories, and a presence in over 125 cities in India through its network of over 650 franchisee and collection centers. The lab is open 24 hours / 365 days including Sundays.


All our instruments are state-of-the-art with back up facility. Metropolis is the only organization in India which houses the largest Molecular Biology set up with all the 6 different Nucleic acid testing technologies (PCR, b-DNA, Hybrid Capture, TMA, Real time PCR and Cobas Amplicor). We use the golden reference technology for all critical referral tests such as Tuberculosis, HIV Testing, Hepatitis Testing, Immunohistochemistry / Genetics.


Over two decades of experience in processing 10 million tests per year with state of the art automated equipment, Metropolis is well equipped to cater to the requirements of any organization.

Quick Reports

Reports are also available online ensuring daily reporting and quick turnaround time.

Logistics Capability

Through many years of experience, we have developed a keen knowledge base on national logistics including preservation, transportation, packing and documentation for sample handling.


Services are provided through full automation, regular calibration and controls, standardized imported reagents, authorization by qualified pathologists. A crosschecking mechanism for result checking (while feeding, reporting, signing) is done to ensure that a wrong result never goes to a patient.