Hospital Laboratory Management

What is Hospital Laboratory Management (HLM)?

Laboratory Medicine today is a Super Specialized area with diversified specialties. Outsourcing laboratory management in hospitals to external referral laboratories is a relatively new phenome­non in India. Globally however, it is a popular trend prevalent in the USA, the Middle East, the Far East and in Australia as well.

HLM enables hospitals to offer patients the best diagnostic care available without diverting their focus from core healthcare services. By sparing them the effort to manage yet another department, it turns out to be a cost-effective solution as well. The referral lab works like their full-fledged department and carries out a wide range of clinical lab tests.

Need for Managed Laboratories:
  • The path lab market in India is estimated at around Rs.5000 Crores and is growing at 20% annually.
  • Labs within hospitals, though being an integral part of medical services, are often neglected.
  • A Laboratory requires expertise from different fields like Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology, Genetics, Molecular  Biology, Microbiology etc. It is often difficult to find and engage appropriate man-power from all these areas at one place.
  • Technologies, workload, skill sets are key factors for running a laboratory in a cost effective manner.
  • The cost of testing is inversely proportional to the workload and directly proportional to other overheads.
  • The laboratory is just one of the many departments in the hospital and hence does not get enough attention from hospital management. This results in high inventory and costs, pilferage, inadequate quality / service turn-around-time causing dissatisfaction amongst Clinicians and patients.
  • More effective and efficient utilization of automation and other sophisticated analytical technology is possible with a professionally managed reference laboratory.
  • In-house laboratory experts can ensure that doctors are provided with associated clinical information to assist diagnosis, on reports.
About Metropolis HLM service:

Pioneers in the field of hospital lab management, we have been managing the laboratories of leading multi-specialty hospitals in India and abroad. Professional laboratory management by our highly qualified team of pathologists and medical technologists ensures increased profits, higher returns and better efficiency. At Metropolis we believe in growth. We do our best to ensure that you benefit from our wide range of services. Whether you are an existing laboratory or a new laboratory we assure you of the highest quality of standards. And with that promise we invite you to grow with us.

If you are a new laboratory: Regardless of what your investment limits are, we guarantee good management practices and higher returns from your new laboratory.

If you are an existing laboratory: We’ll upgrade technology to facilitate a wider variety of tests with absolutely NO additional investment for you, while keeping your existing profits intact and ensuring more in the years to come.